Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bet Angel Full Day Workshop


bet-angel-btn.pngLearn from professional traders how to get the most from Bet Angel.

If you use Bet Angel Professional and want to learn how to get the most from this software’s range of powerful capabilities, then this will really take your skills to the next level.

This is your chance to learn from professional traders who have spent years pushing the software to its full potential. Explore each of Bet Angel Professional's features in great detail Learn why each key feature has been implemented and how best to use it.

Learn how traders get the best out of Bet Angel Professional. From correct setup of the one click screen, how to use the dutching tool, how to set up automation, create custom buttons to an introduction to writing Excel spreadsheets. Learn how to tune up Bet Angel to maximise performance.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive guide to the features and use of Bet Angel in the markets and includes detailed examples of how to use Bet Angel, when and why. If you are a trialist or user of the software you will benefit from this course. This intensive one day workshop is designed for all those Bet Angel Professional users who want to get the most from their software.



Each desk has an individual widescreen LED monitor on it which replicates what the presenter is doing. We recommend you bring a modern laptop with Bet Angel installed so you can replicate the actions of the presenter. WiFi connection to the internet is provided. Sign up for Bet Angel prior to attending the course.

Course Content

Morning Session


Afternoon Session

  • Connection modes
  • Practice mode vs Live mode
  • One click bettting
  • Overview of global settings
  • Offsetting
  • Stops & Trailing stops
  • Book over-round
  • Reversing the book
  • Using fill/kill & kill delay
  • Auto staking with liability staking
  • Placing a bet
  • Getting horse form
  • Custom sort order
  • Custom columns
  • Trade profit column
  • The ‘Make Market’ Buttons
  • Calculating book %
  • What is WOM?
  • Ladder
  • Using Pre-set stakes
  • Trade profit column
  • Enhanced ladder
  • Trade Profit calculator
  • Quick short-cut keys
  • Adding more ladders
  • Traffic lights explained
  • One click stop loss
  • Dutching & Bookmaking
  • Staking methods
  • Placing bets
  • Number of winners indicator
  • Matched bets
  • Unmatched bets
  • The log
  • Guardian
  • Auto swtiching markets
  • Easy adding all horse racing markets
  • Easy adding Soccer match odds markets
  • Multiple market management
  • Automation
  • Overview of rules and rules files
  • Creating a simple rule
  • Connecting to a spreadsheet
  • Using Excel and a simple bet
  • Tennis trader
  • Keep score
  • Scenario modelling
  • Soccer Mystic
  • The predictor
  • Soccer scenario modelling
  • Market Overview screen
  • Auto zoom
  • Settings editor



Please note this course does not discuss strategies nor how to profit from using Bet Angel Professional. It is designed to be an overview of the features of Bet Angel Professional for Betfair and how to use them effectively. If you wish to gain a knowledge of the strategies used to be profitable with Bet Angel please see our Masterclass course

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