Sunday, December 17, 2017

Video Tutorials

This section contains a large number of videos that you can watch to help you on your trading journey. We have broken them down into sub-categories so they are easier to digest. Each of the categories below link to a number of videos. You can watch these in any order you wish but we suggest watching from the from the top to the bottom.

You are welcome to contact us with new videos you would be interested in seeing. We can't respond individually to each request but we do promise we will read each one carefully.




  • Trading strategies & advice

    There are many ways to trade and many things to learn about sports markets and trading. This section is designed to give you a better understanding about trading in general and discussion on common trading approaches.

  • The art of Scalping

    Scalping is a simple to understand stategy, but needs some practice to put to good use. When scalping you are looking for a one tick profit. There are many ways to do this. Loss management is key when scalping because you are likely to get lots of one tick gains, but occasionally a larger loss. So scalping, one tick trading, is very different from other forms of trading.

  • The art of Swing trading

    Swing trading is, in my view anyhow, trading anything that has directional bias involved. You are trying to solve many problems and looking for clues on likely direction of this type of trade. This section contains advice on swing trading, do's and dont's and knowledge of the underlying strategy.

  • Trading videos

    This section contains lots of videos for you to watch, learn and understand from. These are actual live sessions and contain a variety of information but more importantly they should give you a clear direction on what I tend to look at in the market and how I act on it.

  • Psychology

    If there is one thing I've learnt about trading its that knowing what to do is one thing, doing it entirely another! In this section we look at the 'doing it' bit. I came from a less than idea background of risk taking but eventually came through that to get a deep understanding of risk. But more importantly, I learnt how to control my emotions to be an effective risk taker.